Chinmaya Slokanjali

Chinmaya Slokanjali – CMSD’s Self-paced Sloka competition for children

Chinmaya Slokanjali was announced on May 8, 2011 as part of the five-year centenary celebrations of our Pujya Gurudev. Children who completed the 5 levels in 5 years ending on May 8, 2016 were the recipients of the grand award.

The aim of this program is to encourage children to memorize and correctly chant selected slokas and stotrams from the Chinmaya book of Hymns. CMSD’s Chinmaya Slokanjali is a self-paced program and the slokas are grouped into levels according to difficulty.

Testing is done monthly/bi-monthly between September and April of the academic session by a select team of judges. Registered participants may sign up to test for as many slokas as they are prepared in a particular level. It is important to be well-prepared before signing up for testing. Participants will have to repeat testing if there are errors. Those who complete Level 1 may register for Level 2 and so on.

Register for Testing

Registration is multi-step, please make sure you complete all the pages until you get a message that your response has been submitted.

If you have any questions, please email slokanja[email protected]

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Level I

  1. Opening Prayers
  2. Dainika Prarthana
  3. Gayatri Mantrah
  4. Ganesha Stavah
  5. Siva Prarthana
  6. Sri Gurustotram
  7. Mahalaksmyashtakam
  8. Chinmaya Arati
  9. Closing Prayers
  10. Janma Dina Gita
  11. Chinmaya Mission Pledge-English

Level II

  1. Sankatanashana Ganesa stotram
  2. Guru Parampara
  3. Sarasvati stotram
  4. Saradastotram
  5. Sri Krishnashtakam
  6. Sriramastotram
  7. Siva Panchaksharastotram
  8. Lingashtakam
  9. Dasavatarastotram
  10. Ramayana arati
  11. Prarthana Gitam

Level III

  1. Ganesa Pancharatnam
  2. Shiva shadaksharastotram
  3. Guru dhyanam
  4. Guru padukastotram
  5. Sriramayana vandanam
  6. Hanuman Chalisa
  7. Gita dhyanam
  8. Madhurashtakam
  9. Krtajnatajnapanam
  10. Ganesa arati
  11. Srikrishna arati

Level IV

  1. Tapovanashadkam
  2. Siva manasa puja
  3. Gangastotram
  4. Namaramayanam
  5. Sriramastuti
  6. Hanumannamaskarah
  7. Bilvashtakam
  8. Achyutashtakam
  9. Chapter 12 Gita
  10. Rama arati
  11. Chinmaya pratijna

Level V

  1. Totakashtakam
  2. Rama raksha stotram
  3. Dvadasa jyotirlingastotram
  4. Matrustavanam
  5. Chinmaya namamrta stotram
  6. Shishyanushasanam
  7. Chapter 15 Gita
  8. Vaidika arati
  9. Bhagavadgita arati
  10. Nutana Varsha Gita
  11. Dikshantakala gitam

Registration fee for each Level: $25/- per child.

Please write Slokanjali in the memo section of check payable to CMSD. You may give the check to Nagesh Nookala / Nikhil Varaiya on Sunday.

All enquiries regarding this program may be directed to [email protected].