Yoga Classes

Happyastic’s From the Mat to What Matters Yoga classes are offered as of October 20, 2018 at Chinmaya Jyoti.

Students will learn a unique hands-on, alignment-centric, mindset-coaching inspired hatha yoga experience designed to increase the understanding of the mind-body connection and deepen daily and spiritual life.

  • Slokas, Vedanta spiritual texts and Pujya Gurudev’s quotes are used each week to build a unique asana sequence to take physical experiences on the yoga mat and show you how to apply them to what matters most to you off the yoga mat
  • Focus on setting a solid foundation, creating an understanding and practicing strong anatomical alignment
  • Focus on building strength and stamina
  • Improving range of motion, balance, and flexibility both physically and mentally
  • Breathing effectively to improve concentration, learning and get a deep sense of calm
  • Deepening of the experiential wisdom of the mind-body connection and the power of non-attachment mentally and physically
  • Hands-on adjustments
  • Wonderful ashram environment

About the teacher: Priya Narthakii

Guidelines for yoga class enrollment

  1. The duration of each group session is 1 hour 15 min (75 min).
  2. Currently classes are held on Saturdays from 10:00 AM to 11:15 AM.
  3. All students MUST bring a proper yoga mat, two yoga blocks, a yoga strap and water. Students without a mat and blocks will not be permitted to participate in the class even if enrolled for safety reasons.
  4. Students are encouraged to bring a notebook and pen to write any reflections of asanas, alignment notes or to write the quotes/scripture that guide each class.
  5. Special permission has been granted for the following dress code: Students should wear leggings/ yoga pants or meditation pants and a longer t-shirt where the arms can be seen (no tanktops or shorts are allowed). No Indian dress please as the teacher will be unable to see alignment and this can lead to unnecessary injuries.
  6. The fee is as follows: $60/month for 1 individual, $100 for 2 from the same household, $130 for 3 from the same household
  7. Fees are payable (to the teacher) for the entire month on first class of each month. Cash is not accepted. Personal checks, Paypal and Venmo are all acceptable options. Fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. If more than one individual is taking class and is absent there are no make-ups or refunds.
  8. Students are requested to arrive 5 minutes before the class start time to set mats and props up.
  9. No make-up class in event of a student having missed the class.
  10. In the event of the teacher having missed the class, make-up class will be offered at a time convenient to both the teacher and students.
  11. Chinmaya Jyoti ashram etiquette must be followed by all.
  12. If multiple people are registering please provide each registrant’s full name and age under the message section of the form along with the main registrant’s age.