108th Sundarakanda mahotsava

Monthly “Sundarakāṇḍa Pārāyaṇa” for Chinmaya Jyoti was started in April 2008 on Śrirāmanavami. The Lord blessed us with the āśrama. We will continue the pārāyaṇa monthly until the completion of Chinmaya Jyoti.

We are extremely happy to inform you that the 108thSundarakāṇḍa Pārāyaṇa falls on March 18, 2017 Time: 4:00 PM.

It would be a grand offering of gratitude to have all CMSD families join in the parayana.

All BV students will be participating in the puja, singing, instruments etc. BV teachers will give specific instructions to all students as to how they will be involved.

Hanuman movie will be screened during the parayana for young children.

Please sign up as Yajamans by March 17.

Hanuman puja followed by Sundarakanda Parayana, Hanuman Chalisa, arati andprasadam. All are invited to attend.