Membership Registration

I did not receive an online registration email, how do I register?

1) Go to  http://admin.chinmayajyoti.org/members/token
2) Enter your registered email address and click on "Retrieve".
3) This will automatically send you an email with a the link to your individual account. Following that link will enable you to edit your information and also register for the BV session. Please do not share or forward this this unique link to anyone as it is your personal link to your information.
4) If you do not receive an email within next few minutes, please check your SPAM folder and contact Websevak for help.

I am unable to see registration link from my chinmayajyoti registration page that I received in the email, how should I proceed?

 This is most probably because your record has some missing or invalid information. Check the page carefully for the text in red (at the top) which informs you about the errors. This information was imported from last years database and might have some missing fields which are now mandatory to be specified. If you still have issues, email websevak and we will sort it out together.