OM Cooking Project

We all have to eat to sustain our body. Eating fresh and healthy food is good for both the body and the mind.

It is imperative that our children learn how to cook some basic items at the least. Cooking as a family can be a fun bonding experience while teaching them an important life skill. Giving our children this invaluable skill is our duty as responsible adults in their lives. Besides, it would be a great opportunity to pass on family traditions/recipes to our young ones.

Keeping this in mind, CMSD introduces the Bala Vihar OM Cooking Project for all students in Grade 6 & above. A monthly menu has been designed to include a variety of dishes that the children can learn to prepare with guidance and supervision from their parents.

An important thing to keep in consideration is the attitude with which food is prepared. Besides good hygiene, it is important to maintain a divine attitude. It is recommended that children listen to/chant bhajans or shlokas/Gita while preparing food. After all, we are what we eat.