Vedanta Study Groups for Adults

Inspired by the vision of Vedanta, hundreds of seekers across the country meet in groups of five to fifteen to study and discuss the textbooks of Vedanta. Setting aside blind belief, they analyze the scriptures in give-and-take discussions, deepening their personal understanding.

The most important follow-up measure of the Jnana Yajnas is the Study Group program. The basic concept of the Study Group is to study the scriptures by those who have curiosity/thirst to benefit from the perennial wisdom of the Rishis.

A group of 10 - 15 like-minded people get together at a place, time and day mutually agreed upon for 90 minutes a week for a systematic study of the scriptural texts prescribed in the Study Group Scheme by Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda after testing its validity over several years.

What is read or heard, in order to take root, must be thought over (tat cintanam). The test of clear thinking is in the ability to express our thoughts clearly (tat kathanam). Again, whether our understanding is right and proper, is brought out in the rational and mutual discussion of the Study Group members (anyonya prabodhanam) Thus, to the sincere and diligent student, the Study Group technique provides an opportunity and a forum for gaining a deep and quick perspective of our scriptures. The forum, in the Sat-Sanga atmosphere, also fosters and develops brotherly understanding amongst the members and strengthens the "One Family" concept.

“Mere listening to my yajnas will not add to your beauty. These ideas are to be reflected deeply and digested slowly. This process is hastened only when you discuss what you have studied with others. Study groups constitute the heart of our Mission. The ideas gathered by you, when discussed with others, not only become deeply rooted in yourself, but as they become clearer in your own understanding, they also inspire those who listen to you. Thus, each student, while trying to strengthen his/her own understanding, can become an instrument for the spread of this knowledge. This process is the dynamic STUDY SCHEME followed in the Vedantic tradition. This is not a Chinmaya Methodology, it is the most ancient Vedantic tradition of Study.”       -   Swami Chinmayananda

More than a thousand Study Groups function under the guidance of Chinmaya Mission Centers around the world.

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