Vedic Chanting

Vedic chanting is a meditative practice from the rich tradition of Hindu spiritual practices. It is the art of listening and learning to recite with attention and care, and a deep involvement of head, heart and body in the quest for unity with the source from which sound originates.

Just as yoga practice takes us from outward movement to inner stillness, vedic chanting leads us from outward sound to inner silence.

The benefits include refining the ability to learn to listen, thus enhancing attention, memory, patience and confidence around the use of our voice.

The following vedic chants are taught and recited in this class:
vedic arati, shanti pancakam, mantra pushpam and various suktams, srirudraprasnah and taittiriya upanishat.

CMSD Vedic Chanting class:

Day: Every Saturday

Time: 8:00 AM - 8:50 AM

Venue: Chinmaya Jyoti

Text: Chinmaya Book of Vedic Chants or Mantra Pushpam.